What is now APS Global was founded as APS by Julie and Anders Hainer in 1993.  Anders, born and raised in Sweden, had a successful career as a professional downhill speed skier and was World Champion in 1988. He raced throughout Asia, Europe and the United States.  Eventually he moved to the U.S. to pursue skiing opportunities. After retiring from professional skiing, Anders need for speed did not retire. In 1996 he began car racing and won the Grand American Road Racing Championship in 2006.

During Anders professional skiing career, he was often hired to consult for sports apparel companies.  This led to an interest in product development and manufacturing of athletic apparel.

Julie, a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, had a successful career in Design & Product Development. After working separately for many years, Anders and Julie decided to launch their own company with her in charge of Design & Product Development and Anders in charge of Production and Finance.  Julie's eye for detail and design kept the company in touch to ever changing client/consumer demands of the industry. For many years, Julie, Anders and a few key employees worked endless hours to make the company develop and flourish. The organization continued to expand and grow with many of the original employees, some of whom are still with APS Global.

Today, the APS Global team known for their  "operational excellence" continues to build their brand and expand their manufacturing business. APS Global now has manufacturing plants in El Salvador and Mexico and is exploring other potential areas to grow the business.

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